Tioman is an island off the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia, acclaimed as a geological wonder, ecological paradise and one of Southeast Asia's most beautiful travel destinations with pristine waters. Located 32 nautical miles off Pahang state, but connected through Mersing town in Johor, the island continues to enchant visitors with its warm beaches, lovely seas and lush rainforests. Tioman is the haven for divers as it is surrounded by beautiful white coral reefs and being rich in marine life is a great location for snorkeling too. If you are lucky, you can see turtles and blacktip reefsharks as well.


Langkawi, officially known as Langkawi the Jewel of Kedah is an archipelago of 104 islands in the Andaman Sea, some 30 km off the mainland coast of northwestern Malaysia. The islands are a part of the state of Kedah, which is adjacent to the Thai border. The coastline is fringed by powder fine sand and swaying coconut trees that attract nature lovers will love it. The island’s beaches are some of Malaysia’s best which its excellent diving opportunities and this tropical gem hides a treasure trove of other exciting island-hopping adventure. Beautiful forested hills, romantic white sand beaches and crystal clear turquoise waters await to greet you when you visit the island.

Pulau Sibu

Pulau Sibu forms part of the Seribuat chain of islands lying 12 kilometers off the east coast of the West Peninsular of Malaysia. It’s shaped like a triangular hour glass, about 6 km long and never more than one km wide it's whole length. The north eastern section of the island has golden brown beaches that slope away gradually, offering ideal swimming conditions.Sea Gypsy Village Resort & Dive Base is a charming, rustic resort where people can completely relax in harmony with nature. A delightful, open-air attap hut restaurant offers a variety of international cuisines with a topical bar that stay open as long as people are still chilly out there.